How did I become a fan of Heavy Music?

Heavy music

Hi! My name is Elsidu, owner of Gemina. Nice to meet you. I’ve been a big fan of Heavy music and Hard Rock for years. Curious about my story? Read more! 

It all started with Cassettes Tapes…

My story started when a friend of mine, who was a bass player in a band, gave me some cassettes tapes of bands that I never heard of. If I’m talking about cassettes tapes, you know I’m going way back. At that time bands like Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Warrant, Ratt, Poison were popular, and we would listen to it all day long. When I graduated from school, unfortunately we lost contact. But I will never forget him. He is the one to whom I owe my love for heavy music from. So John, if you’re reading this, thankyou 😉 

I went to shows by myself

From that moment on I started discovering new bands and music and I went to live shows to see the bands. I grew up in an area where people would never listen to rock/metal music, most of them listen to R&B, Hip Hop or Soul. No disrespect towards anybody who listens to something else than metal. So most of the time I went to shows all by myself. But I loved it! Once I stepped foot into the crowd, it felt like home. Everybody is together, enjoying the same music and no one’s to judge. From that moment I knew heavy music is my passion.  

Starting with cassette tapes, later on platforms like Spotify and Youtube started coming up. This made it much easier to discover new bands and music. I continued listening to different bands and music, and never changed.  

Sharing my passion with Gemina

3 Years ago, I decided I wanted to share my love and passion for Heavy metal and Hardrock with other people. By selling merchandise focused on Rock and Metal I wanted to connect people and bring them together. To start a business, you need a name. After long and hard thinking I came up with the name GEMINA. Do you want to know where this name stands for? Then check out this post:  

Now that I’ve told my story how I got into Rock and Heavy music, I’m very curious about your story! Let me know in the comments how your love for the music started. 

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