Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours 2023 


A tour around Europe for Sabaton that has had a lot of influence for the Heavy Metal scene. Come and find out what they are planning and which guests they will be taking with them in the following article! 

Sabaton’s tour 

Following the release of their tenth album, The War to End All Wars, Sabaton indicates they will tour Europe again in the spring of 2023, the final tour admittedly. Beginning in Leeds on April 14, Sabaton will head to 21 cities in 14 countries to perform. They will perform their biggest and most spectacular show yet in Europe’s biggest arenas. Fans can be assured that the band will make history with groundbreaking live shows on this tour.   

Sabaton is perhaps best known for their exciting live concerts, combining their cool music and a well-running show with energy and laughter. The band has become very well known in many areas, regularly filling arenas and providing frequent performances at festivals across Europe.  

Additional guests of Sabaton

They also announced two bands that will accompany them during the tour. First, they indicated they will be joined by none other than Japanese dance metal phenomenon, BABYMETAL. Since their formation in 2010, Babymetal has made headlines worldwide and caused quite a stir. For example, they also performed at Glastonbury in the United Kingdom in 2019 and blew the audience away with their unique show.  

In addition, they indicated that the band Lordi will perform every night of the tour. Lordi is a Finnish band, who is known for their monstrous lyrics and costumes. They became known to the general public through their winning performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with their song Hard Rock Hallelujah

About Sabaton  

Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band founded in 1999. A characteristic of the band is their well-known songs about historical wars, battles and characters.   

Combining their power riffs with singer Joakim Brodén’s instantly recognizable sound, the band simply cannot be placed within any genre. Fans only know them as Sabaton: the heavy metal band that sings about wars in real life.  

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