Deceivers, The latest album of Arch Enemy

Deceiver Arch Enemy

The Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy released their new album “Deceiver” on August 12th 2022. It was scheduled to be released on 29th of July 2022 but because of undisclosed reason the date was pushed back. Read more about Arch Enemy and their new album below!

I was very excited of their new album when I heard their new singles ‘Deceiver, Deceiver’ and ‘House of Mirrors’. The tracks where released on the 21th of October 2021 and 9th of December 2021. I’m not a journalist I just write a story about a band I love and there kick ass music.

The first album I listened to of Arch Enemy was “Rise of the Tyrant” and was released on 2007 and been a follower since. What I didn’t know then that the members came from bands like Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, The Agonist, Nevermore and Eucharist. The only band I knew was Mercyful fate.

The band Arch Enemy had some line-up changes since they hit the scene but to me there music never changed, great guitar riffs and an attitude that I very much admire. For those who don’t know the band pick an album and listen and you will feel it to. Their music to me is like a rush and because of that a lot of their songs are on my Spotify playlist.

History Arch Enemy

The band Arch Enemy was formed in 1996 by guitarist Michael Amott and John Liiva who knew each other from the band Carcass. Around that same time the brother of Michael Amott, Christopher Amott joined the band and recorded some solos for the new band of Michael Amott. Chris stayed in the band until 2005 and left. He later returned in 2007 to stay until 2012. Johm Livva fronted the band after he was replaced in 2001 by Angela Gossow who stayed until she left in 2014 because she wanted to spend more time with her family. She Is still is now the manager of the band and was also the one who advised to bring in Alissa White-Gluz from the band The Agonist.

My opinion

The album “Deceiver” I can give you one word ‘awesome’. There are great kickass songs on it to have a live audience go wild. I hope to see them live soon. On February 2023 they are touring Australia and Japan. In June 2023 they will be at GMM.

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