Canadian Rockband The Veer Union

The Veer Union

The Veer Union is a Canadian band that I’ve been listening to for many YEARS. The band came to my attention after I saw the name in a list of Canadian rock bands. The name caught my eye and got my attention, after which I started listening and reading more and more of the band.

History The Veer Union

The band was formed in 2004 by Crispin Earl and Eric Schraeder. The band TVU has everything from great ballads to great rock songs. Over the years, the formation changed when they were dropped by a major label. There was a period when TVU was very quiet and it looked like the band was breaking up for good, until Crispin Earl announced that TVU is continuing with new members.


The 2004 line-up was: Crispin Earl 2004-(lead vocals, guitars), Eric Schraeder 2004–2013 (guitars, backing vocals), James Fiddler 2004– 2011(guitars, backing vocals), Marc Roots 2004-2011 (bass, backing vocals), Neil Beaton 2004-2011(drums). 

The current line-up is Crispin Earl 2004(lead vocals, guitars), Ryan Ramsdell 2012 (guitars) and Ricardo Viana 2012(drums). 

The current line-up is signed to the label of Crispin Earl “Rock Shop Records (RSR) and has signed other promising bands next to TVU. 

  • The Veer Union 
  • Late Night Saviour 
  • 2 Shadows 
  • Crispin Earl (solo project) 
  • Jody Black
  • Uforia

My opinion

Since then, TVU has released some great music and I am also excited about the new bands that Crispin Earl signed. You can hear that their music is evolving into a heavier style, but he never let go of the roots when they started. The harmony/backing vocals in their music. The bands mentioned who are signed to RSR have released their music via RSR and are putting their own flags out there. I haven’t seen them at the great festivals in the US or abroad, but they really deserve the attention because their music is very cool. I hope they cross the great lake and come play somewhere in Europe. That would be awesome for me since I have been following the band for years. I have some of their songs on my Spotify Playlist.

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