Late Night Savior

I have been listening to Late Night Savior for a while and again I raise the horns on their singles “Shivers”, “Darkness Inside” and “Enemy”. I have added the songs to my Spotify playlist, but it’s not about me but about this cool band you should check out.

Late Night Savior are: Brandon Johnson (vocals and lead guitar), Skyler “Stick” Johnson (bass), Tim Anderson (Rhythm guitar), Tyler Davis (drums).

Late Night Savior’s Label

They are four talented musicians that at the moment are signed to the label Rock Shop Records (RSR) owned by frontman of The Veer Union (TVU) Crispin Earl. Crispin Earl is next to a label executive itself and a celebrated musician. The album they released via RSR (2021) and produced by Crispin Earl was so cool and the songs on that album so good that the future looks good for them.

Late Night Savior’s Music

If you listen to there earlier songs you can hear that these guys have the talent to go big and perform on the bigger rock festivals in North America or overseas. I hope they come to Europe to give a show on one of the European festivals or cities. Their music has melody and aggression combined and comes out so well balanced.

From overseas right here in the Netherlands I can say they have a fan that awaits there first show live on one of the venues in The Netherlands or the festivals in Europe.

To Brandon, Skyler, Tim and Tyler see ya soon.


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