About Gemina

Radiate passion, love and ambition. That is what Gemina wants to share with hard rock and heavy metal-fans like we are.

Showing the passion we have for our favorite bands and beloved genres. By starting a webshop that will only sell merchandise and accessories that radiate the hard rock/ metal attitude, Gemina wants to pass on the feeling of being part of a Legion. Because, fans are the Legion and the Legion are the fans, aren’t they?

The name Gemina has its origin in Latin, which means “twins”. In Antiquity (57 BC) the famous Julius Caesar formed a Legion which he called Gemina. He called it “Gemina” because it had to be an exact reflection of his ambition and passion to govern. Characteristics which are the base of supporting your favorite bands nowadays. Be part of our Legion, be part of GEMINA.

Gemina Leg. XIII

Est. 2020