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The Situation of Mötley Crüe

I wanted to write something about another band but reading all the stories about Mick Mars and confirming he will not tour anymore was no surprise for me. But what came after that surprised me. For most of his professional career, Mars has openly struggled with ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis that mainly affects the spine and pelvis. The first story I read came from Nikki Sixx who said that Mick Mars forgot his parts and I found that accusation harsh since he was back tracking complete shows.

I must add that I haven’t heard or read that Mötley Crüe back tracked their complete stadium tours. At least I haven’t seen anyone confirming that story. But there are fans who filmed them when they were performing, and they weren’t near their instruments. This is a part I can get angry about because Mick Mars didn’t want to back track his parts and said he could play them live. As a musician should. Furthermore, Mick is the sound of Mötley Crüe.

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx & Mick Mars

And to add fire to this story are the ticket pricing, how can you ask so much from your fans and back track a lot of those shows. I saw some stories of what fans were paying for those tickets and playing complete shows on a back track is not very nice to the fans of Mötley Crüe. The Riffmaster has said that he carried them since the band was founded. And since the band is under a looking glass all the stories come to live including one story, I found interesting is that Nikki Sixx can’t play bass guitar. Is this true? I know everybody saw the show “My Favorite Riff” where he invited guitar players to talk about riffs that became legendary, but the strange part of the show is that Nikki Sixx never had the bass or acoustic guitar on the set.

I’m not a musician but I found that strange if you’re a musician you like to have, you’re instrument on the show because it talks about a craft writing music and a riff that is a big influence for a song. I will not go into attack mode about Nikki Sixx musicianship, it is not my place to do that, but this is a story that can blow up if it’s true. Both parties are throwing mud at each other, and I don’t think there will be a good ending. And if Mick Mars starts putting dirt out there it can get ugly, he said he carried them so what did he do for Nikki Sixx if we look back at the earlier story about Nikki Sixx? We will see and maybe I will write another short story about what will happen or ask questions to everybody. And Mick Mars is out of the band and replaced by John 5. To be continued i would say about this story.

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Late Night Savior

I have been listening to Late Night Savior for a while and again I raise the horns on their singles “Shivers”, “Darkness Inside” and “Enemy”. I have added the songs to my Spotify playlist, but it’s not about me but about this cool band you should check out.

Late Night Savior are: Brandon Johnson (vocals and lead guitar), Skyler “Stick” Johnson (bass), Tim Anderson (Rhythm guitar), Tyler Davis (drums).

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Jeff Beck

Introduction to Classic Rock

To write this story I have to go back when I first start listening to classic rock bands. I already knew bands like Mötley Crüe, Warrant, Aerosmith, Poison, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and so on. At that time listening to these great bands someone gave me a VHS tape (yes a VHS tape)of a show that Led Zeppelin gave at the MSG in NY, I think ’73. I was so impressed that I start looking up information about the band and I wanted to know more about them. I later found out that the song “Stairway to Heaven” was from Led Zeppelin. Every year there was this Radio program with the best 2000 songs and “Stairway to Heaven” was always on that list. Now for me the song I loved had a face because I saw that VHS tape. And from there on I started discovering new bands like Black Sabbath, Cream, The Who, Yardbirds, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. That was my introduction to classic rock bands from that period.

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Def Leppard’s formation

The story of the band Def Leppard actually began in 1976 when Rick Savage, Tony Kenning and Pete Doubleday formed a band called Atomic Mas. There guitar player Pete Doubleday was later replaced by Pete Willis. On the same year of 1977 when Peter Doubleday was replaced by Pete Willis they had audition where Joe Elliott answered the call as a guitar player. On that same day they found out that Joe Elliott was a better singer than a guitar player.

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2023 – Festival

Graspop 2023

In 2023, Graspop will again provide a huge 4-day festival. Graspop Metal Meeting 2023 will take place from 15 to 18 June. In 2022, the festival attracted 220,000 visitors, breaking the previous 2019 record of 200,000. But what bands will perform this year and which bands are missing? That will be answered in the article below. 

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Deceivers, The latest album of Arch Enemy

Deceiver Arch Enemy

The Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy released their new album “Deceiver” on August 12th 2022. It was scheduled to be released on 29th of July 2022 but because of undisclosed reason the date was pushed back. Read more about Arch Enemy and their new album below!

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Guns N’ Roses LONDON Tour 2023  


While everybody knows Guns N’ Roses confirmed the festival at Hyde Park 30th of June 2023 in London more will follow for this iconic rock band. The rumor has it the Graspop Metalfest 2023 is one of the festivals that Guns N’ Roses will perform, but neither party has confirmed. We will have to wait and see what happens.  

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