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Late Night Savior

I have been listening to Late Night Savior for a while and again I raise the horns on their singles “Shivers”, “Darkness Inside” and “Enemy”. I have added the songs to my Spotify playlist, but it’s not about me but about this cool band you should check out.

Late Night Savior are: Brandon Johnson (vocals and lead guitar), Skyler “Stick” Johnson (bass), Tim Anderson (Rhythm guitar), Tyler Davis (drums).

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Def Leppard’s formation

The story of the band Def Leppard actually began in 1976 when Rick Savage, Tony Kenning and Pete Doubleday formed a band called Atomic Mas. There guitar player Pete Doubleday was later replaced by Pete Willis. On the same year of 1977 when Peter Doubleday was replaced by Pete Willis they had audition where Joe Elliott answered the call as a guitar player. On that same day they found out that Joe Elliott was a better singer than a guitar player.

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Deceivers, The latest album of Arch Enemy

Deceiver Arch Enemy

The Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy released their new album “Deceiver” on August 12th 2022. It was scheduled to be released on 29th of July 2022 but because of undisclosed reason the date was pushed back. Read more about Arch Enemy and their new album below!

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